Integrated Planning System Information System - IPSIS

Real time Monitoring

  • Reducing time to minutes from months ( ~ 2 months) for monitoring reports
  • Monitoring of activities as per IPS calendar
  • Calendar for meetings, notifications and reminders

Performance Measurement

  • Indicator Management: Project progress tracking against established metrics and targets
  • Measurement of indicators for EU integration

Data Analytics

  • Customized dynamic and predefined reports
  • Data visualization on Albania geographical map
  • Dynamic and Drill down dashboards

Data management

  • Templates for standardizing strategic documents
  • Electronic archival of all documents

Key Functions

  • System and user performance monitoring: The IPSIS Directorate and NAIS will monitor the utilization of system modules and user experiences (number of concurrent users, reporting needs, etc.) on a daily basis, to complement the efforts of the NAIS specialists for monitoring the performance of data center operations and network connections (network efficiency, user management, functional administration, etc). The IPSIS Directorate & NAIS will prepare annual review report to summarize the performance of IPSIS operations, results achieved, and emerging needs/issues that require management attention.
  • Change management & Regulatory Framework: The IPSIS Directorate will actively participate in the development and implementation of change management plans during the implementation of new system capabilities, legal framework changes and/or transition to modernized platforms.
  • Functional and operational support: The IPSIS Directorate will provide necessary support through Help Desk functions for internal and external users benefiting from IPSIS system. There will be a functional support team responding to user needs on system functionality and reporting needs, in addition to the technical support team mapped to NAIS for assistance on technical challenges.
  • Data analytics: Data analytics will be supported through dedicated team members trained on specific tools available under IPSIS Modules functionalities to support the needs of PMO and government entities on the data-driven management approach by making advanced data analysis accessible. The update (the format, content, quantity and frequency) and generation of reports using the interactive functionalities of the reporting module and web publishing will also be supported by this team.
  • Maintaining Master Data Management: Maintaining Master Data Management (MDM) rules which define the format and structure of shared data.
  • Modernization of information systems: The IPSIS Directorate in collaboration with NAIS technical support team will also monitor the enhancements, modernization and maintenance needs of existing IPSIS platform (components: system, database and application), and will communicate with existing solution providers during warranty and post-warranty periods to improve system capabilities and assist in the development of new modules or reporting tools.
  • Training: The IPSIS Directorate will provide training that will cover the general operation and functionality of all IPSIS non-administration system modules and will involve several types of users, such as: data entry, supervisory, middle management and senior/executive. Also the management offline/online and computerized training options for new system users to ensure knowledge transfer and sustainability of system management and functional capabilities.

IPSIS functions


Automate the whole cycle of drafting and approving NSDI and sector/ cross sector strategic documents in the system from all users until final adoption in the CoM.

Policy Tree

Link the strategic goals, objectives and policy goals with MTBP program, projects outputs and indicators

Creating NSDI as per IPS calendar with automated workflow, notifications, reminders and monitoring deadlines

Continuous monitoring of the performance of the strategic framework, programs and priority measures according to Key Performance Indicators.

IPSIS Interfaces:

IPSIS system is created and developed as an integrated structure, which meets the information system purpose, and in which the integrity, interrelationship and compatibility of all its components are ensured.  IPSIS system will be integrated with other systems to be able to support required functionalities such as:

  • Interface with Albanian Financial Management Information System (AFMIS).
    • Importing Master data on central Institutions and Agencies, funds source, budget programs, project locations,
    • Linking in AFMIS policy goals, specific objectives and indicators with budget programme data, planned and actual budget values.
    • Linking in AFMIS and imported in IPSIS the priority measures with investment project implementation data.
    • Importing investment projects data and output data into IPSIS
  • Interface with External Assistance Management Information System (EAMIS).
    • Publishing structured reports on the priority measures/national development projects from IPSIS.
    • Linking the investment project data of AFMIS with IPSIS NSDI data on pillars, strategic goals and SDGs.
  • Interface with the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs ICT system
    • Import of master data on EU chapters, subheadings, areas and responsible institutions,
    • Import of the list of EU acquis.
  • Interface with INSTAT ICT system.
    • Import of the list of high level impact indicators for NSDI.