IPS - Integrated Planning System in Albania

Integrated Planning system ensures that management of public policy and finance is implemented in an efficient harmonised and integrated way. IPS ensures informed decision making based in evidences enabling the Government to clearly define strategic plan and financial resources allocation. IPS has been implemented since year 2000 as a long-term reform that ensures sustainability and modernisation of public administration.

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IPS TF Support Group Meeting

IPS TF Support Group Meeting took place on October 25th, 2019 to discuss about the project progress so far as well as some highlights of main components. The meeting was chaired by Mrs. Majlinda Dhuka, Vice Secretary General, Director of…

Training of TDO-s for web portal and Electronic archive

Starting from September, all TDO’s with the support of Business Process Directorate in General Treasury Department are training respective BIs for the implementation of the electronic archive of all supporting documents for their transactions executed in AGFIS.  For this purpose, AFMIS…

EAMIS toward acceptance phase

In a meeting held in September, with participation from WB team, EAMIS team, NAIS staff and the CFCU, two main topics were discussed: (i) the status of the final Operational Acceptance Certificate (OAC), and (ii) where we stand on the post-warranty contract…