Starting from September, all TDO’s with the support of Business Process Directorate in General Treasury Department are training respective BIs for the implementation of the electronic archive of all supporting documents for their transactions executed in AGFIS.  

For this purpose, AFMIS team is carrying out a series of training with TDO-s for the implementation of electronic archive through web portal. Almost 30 TDOs have been trained, while the remaining six will be trained in the coming weeks.


With the support of Business Processing Directorate, almost 60 budget institutions have been trained consisting in 360 trained employees. IT department has completed the configuration in web portal for 30 budget institutions and will continue with others. While at the same time, NAIS and IT department at MOFE and those in other institutions are working closely to ensure access to web portal to respective institutions.  This process is expected to be a bit long, as all structures involved are geographically far from each other and located in different districts of Albania.    

Integration and testing with other systems (INSTAT, eKonsultimet, QPZ) NAIS, DDGG, INSTAT, QPZ and Vendors have been undergoing during October