Now that IPS is live there are some critical actions and challenges ahead:
As regards to IPSIS: Policy basis and legal basis on IPS and IPSIS (including functional Manuals) needs to be finalized;  Data management (data update, quality, elaboration) is  identified as a challenge together with the continuous training of users (PMO, MEF, MFA and line ministry staffs)


  • The interfaces among AFMIS – EAMIS – AFMIS should be tested with real data ;
  •  Interface between AFMIS and Procurement Electronic System; interface with customs need to be developed
  • Linkage between IPSIS & Official Gazette repository should be established.

Short term & Long Term challenges

  •  Usability of the systems by all users
  •  Continuous capacity building is needed (on the job- training and assistance of administrators and users)
  • Ongoing on the job training to be provided in short and longer term, to ensure capacity building of users
  • Data management and data quality with respect to system usage are important to ensure “populated systems” with accurate entered by appointed qualified employees.
  • Extension of systems to local level, to ensure harmonization of standards for policy and financial planning at central and local level