Integrated Planning System (IPS) ensures that public policy and finance are managed in efficient harmonized and integrated manner. IPS enables informed and based on evidences decision-making in defining strategic direction and financial resources allocation. IPS has been implemented since 2000 as a long-term reform that ensures sustainability and modernisation of public administration.Benefits of using IPSIS
The system mnimizes manual work and creates a registry of integrated data which can be shared with all users with different roles and permissions . Some of the benefits of using this system are as follow:

  1. • Reducing the time for preparation of reports. ( from 1-2 months to several minutes);
  2. • Monitoring of processes and activities defined in IPS calendar ;
  3. • Scheduling meetings, notifications and automatic reminders
  4. • Indicators measurements: performance of projects towards targets
  5. • Measurement of indicators related to European integration
  6. • Predefined and Dynamic reports;
  7. • Visualization of data in territorial map
  8. • Dynamic and graphic tables;
  9. • A well-defined work-flow for revision, approval, consultation of documents (the workflow is defines in IPS calendar);
  10. • Standardized formats for strategic and policy documents
  11. • Digital archive for all documents uploaded in the system