The Training of Trainers course, first week of second phase for IPSIS took place from 4 November to 8 November 2019 in Tirana at Protik Center. The training was organized by IPSIS team led by Department of Development and Good Governance at Prime Minister Office (DDGG) and performed by IPSIS JV. The training infrastructure was fully functional offering in a dedicated IPSIS test environment and technical support was provided by local provider of IPSIS JV, IKUBInfo during users registration process and training practice sessions in collaboration with IPSIS local consultants.

IPSIS JV provider is joint of companies (Synergy International and IKUBinfo). Synergy International who is developing IPSIS was established in USA and is now based in Armenia with a portfolio of IT solutions applied in 60 countries.  It has been working closely with IPSIS team to design and implement the system. Core IPSIS team has been trained and is currently running the Training of Trainers course. Civil servants from several Line Ministries who will have an administrator role for each institution took part in the training. They will be able later on to train other colleagues in their respective institutions and departments in order to ensure full usage of IPSIS and smooth transition from the old system.