In a meeting held in September, with participation from WB team, EAMIS team, NAIS staff and the CFCU, two main topics were discussed: (i) the status of the final Operational Acceptance Certificate (OAC), and (ii) where we stand on the post-warranty contract procedures to be carried out by the CFCU.

Regarding the OAC, the working group presented their concerns to the WB, in particular the need to receive the source code from the vendor as part of the contract obligations. In addition, it was proposed by the WB team the possibility to organize a demo session together with Synergy in 2-3 weeks’ time in order to check the completion of the conditions listed in the Conditional OAC issued in July of last year. The online session was held between EAMIS working group and Synergy team, during which were discussed inter alia the integration with the WB CC database, a process/activity currently ongoing and progressing at a steady pace, with frequent back-and-forth feedback from both Synergy and WB team.

The CFCU assured they are working on the selection of the working group that will draft the ToRs of the post-warranty contract. Moreover, the selection procedure will be direct contracting due to the nature of the service.

On the other hand, Synergy, the EAMIS developing company, has notified they will be ready to deliver source code of the system after signature of an NDA with the Ministry. They already sent the NDA for signature to MFE. The NDA is expected to be signed soon, once the internal procedure in the ministry for appointment of the appropriate-level official is confirmed by the top management.