According to the reports during webex, as regard to AFMIS progress, up to date approx. 110 out of 600 institutions have access to web portal while for the time being the roll-out is stopped as AFMIS team is looking to increase server capacity.

As regards to AFMIS -HRMIS interface the testing is ongoing, while the integration between General Directorate of Customs and PPA (Public Procurement Agency) is expected to happen.

As of today, 57 Line Ministries/Central Institutions consisting in 361 users are using PIM, MTBP and BPPM modules. As regards to IPSIS integration with AFMIS, both systems are fully compatible and real data is needed.

Because of Covid-19 pandemic, the AFMIS roll out activity was stopped, as this process involves a lot of staff training. MoFE has required the AFMIS guaranty period extension from 31 October 2020 until 31 January 2021 (three months extension), considering the fact that AFMIS roll out support interrupted during the March-May 2020